The Falcon deLacy Spaceways Cobra III Manual

The Falcon deLacy Spaceways Cobra III is a multi putpose ship. It can be used for:


The cockpit has the following displays:

Lock field:If a ship is emitting one of these all other ships "in range" (can be seen on the scanner) cannot go into "Jump Space" or "K-Jump Space", but are mass locked. It can go into Hypoerspace however. (PS: Your ship autmatically emits one of these whenever it is in "normal" space.)


Different modes can be set. A list of keys against the functionality can be seen on the key map, which can be accessed by pressing "=".

The functionality of these are:

Normal Flight Mode:
Pitch down (↓, S)Rotate/twist the ship in the appropriate direction when flying
Pitch Up( ↑, X)
Roll clockwise(→, >)
Roll anti-clockwise (←, <)
Go forward (W, SPACE)Accelerate the ship
Go back (S, ?)De-accelerate the ship
Fire(Q, A)Fire lasers
Target Missile (T)Prime the missile. Lock the missile on the target by getting the ship in the laser "cross-hairs"
Un-target missile< (U)/td>Cancel the target
Fire missile (M)Fire the missile at the targeted ship
ECM (E)Electronic counter measures - destroys all missiles flying
Energy Bomb (B)Destroys all ships. Cannot be used in "Safe" mode
Escape Pod (P)Deploy escape pod. You will travel to the station and a new ship is issued identically equipped, but without an escape pod nor cargo.
Docking Computer (C)When near a station (in "Safe mode) this initiates the "Auto-Pilot" to dock the Combra III for you, while playing soothing music. This can be cancelled by pressing "Computer-Off" (D)
Computer Off (D)Cancells auto-processes and countdowns - Cancels Auto-docking, Hyperspace, Galactic-hyperspace and Escape pod operation.
Jump (J)Go into "Jump" space for travelling large distances in space.
K-Jump (K)Go into "K-Jump" space for travelling larger distances in space.
HyperspaceHyperspace to mapped system (if you have enough fuel). This initaiates a 15 second count-down to jumping, which can be cancelled by pressing "Computer-Off" (D)
Galactic HyperspaceGalactic hyperspace to the next galaxy. This also initiates a 15 second count-down, which also can be cancelled the same way.
Number functions:
1 - Launch/Look forwardInitiating launching the ship and look forward. While counting down to launch the process can be cancelled by pressing "Computer-Off" (D)
2 - Look leftLook the appropriate way
3 - Look right
4 - Look up
5 - Look down
6 - Local Star MapSee appropriate star map, a circle is displayed representing where you can get to with your current fuel. Move the cursor using arrow keys, and select nearest planet to that by pressing ENTER.
7 - Galaxy Star Map
8 -Equip ShipWhen in a station use this to buy and sell equipment for your ship. Arrow up and down to select equipment, right arrow to buy, left arrow to sell.
9 - Trade CargoWhen in a station use this to buy and sell cargo. Arrow up and down to select cargo, right arrow to buy, left arrow to sell.
0 - Status
Display status and information about yourself and ship. This consists of:
  • Who you are
  • The planet you are in
  • The number of Credits you have (the monetry unit)
  • Your rank according to the Inter-Galactic Ranking System
  • Your Legal Status, if not "Clean" police will not come to your aid and bounty hunters will chase you. If not clean legal status improves on each Hyperspace jump, and is reset to "Clean" if the Glactic Hyperdrive or Escape Pod is deployed.
  • The amount of Fuel (in terms of Light Years that can be travelled) you have.
  • A list of the equipment you have installed.


Equipment that can be deployed:

Space Stations

In the station

When inside and docked in the station, as well as performing galactical navigation tasks (by pressing 6 and/or 7 you can equip your ship (by pressing 8) and trade goods (by pressing 9).

Leaving the station

To leave the station press the "Launch" key (1) while facing forward, and if there is a queue to leave you ill join it, then a countdown from 10 seconds to the actual launch.

To abort the launch press D.

When launching, the ships "tractor beams and bots" will tke you to the stationj entrance and eject you, after which you can take control of the ship.

Entering the station

To enter the station you need to go to the "letter box" entrance, which is always located on the face of the station facing the planet it is orbiting.

Once there you need to align yourself outside it as straight as possible. You can use the rectangle on the "back" of the inside of the station as a transit to do so.

You need to enter when no other ship is entering and exiting. If you break that rule you are destroyed. To assist with that a system of traffic lights are fitted to all stations. These lights indicate...

RedThis indicates a take off or landing is in process. If you enter at that point you are destroyed.
AmberThis indicates a ten second "countdown" to a landing is in progress. You can enter while amber, but be aware, if it changes to red just before you actually go in you are in trouble. (PS: Any launches that reach zero after you have gone in but while you are docking are deferred to after you dock
GreenNo launching or docking procedures are occuring. It is safe to enter.

Your ship is wide, but not very high. When entering the station, the "letter box" needs to be aligned horizontally otherwise the "wings" will clip the side of the entrance and you will be destroyed.



All activities will consist of flying. There are three "types" of flying within a solar system:

Flying in higher security systems reduces the chance of coming across pirates, and increases the chance of police appearing when trouble occurs (someone is hit by a laser). However, higher security means more tax is applied to both the purchase and sale price of cargo in stations.


Trading consists of buying cargo than are "In supply" from one station, and selling them to where they are "in demand" to another station. The "Info" screen in the navigation screens say what is in supply and demand for each system. The higher the security of a system the higher a "tax" is levie on goods (the tax is included in the price).

Pirates will try and intercept you. Trading in the lower security systems is not recomeended unless you are suitably armed and equipped.

Bounty Hunting

Targetting a ship with the "Missile Target" mechanism will tell you if there is a bounty on the ship, even if you have no missiles (remember to "Untarget" afterwards). If there is a bounty destroying the ship will earn you that bounty.

It is worth noting that destroying ships with a bounty is not illegal and will not effect your legal status, however, even accidently shooting at and hitting clean ships do.


To mine you need a laser (any type will do, it makes no difference to mining), and a Cargo/Fuel scoop.

To mine:

  1. Fly until you come across an astreroid (appears as white in the Normal Space scanner).
  2. Continuously fire the laser into the asteroid until a boulder is freed (takes about a minute).
  3. Wait for the boulder to drift a reasonable distance from the asteroid
  4. Fire the laser at the boulder, and it will "blow up" and some rocks will renmian.
  5. Pick up the rocks by flying just above them. Most are minerals, but there are some other metals there sometimes.
  6. When all rocks are collected, fire into the asteroid continuously again to release another boulder.
  7. And so on.

Asteroids appear more on poor agricultural economies than rich industrial. Some asteroids have hermits in them (they can be identified by pink panels on the asteroid itself). Mining threse have richer pickings, but you may have an issue with the hermit(s) who live there.


Occasionally you will come across cargo canisters and/or canisters, often when the police have destroyed a pirate.

Should you have a Fuel/Cargo Scoop attached you can collect these, if you have spacre cargo space, by manoevering the Cobta III and flying just above the canisters or panels. When this is doen they will appear in your cargo.

These can then be sold at any station.


Simple! Shoot ships and scavange the cargo.

But.... Shooting legally "clean" ships can attract the Police, who will shoot you. So best to do this in systems with no security (Anarchy systems).

Also, shooting "clean" ships will mean you attract a bounty, which means:

Your bounty decreases each time you jump in hyperspace. Using an escape pod, or using the Glactic Hyperspace, will clear your legal status completely.

Sharing the Spaceways


How much policeing a system has depends on it's Government type. An "Anarchy" system will hvae none, while a "Corporate State" will have lots.

Police, if they can, will respond to a ship firing on another ship that is "clean". In this case it will jump to that location as soon as it can and assist the ship being fired upon. However, they will not do this if the ship is not "clean" (has a bounty).

You incur a bounty by of the following ways

  1. Dealing with "illegal" goods, namely Slaves, Firearms or Narcotics anywhere except Anarvhy or Feudal systems.
  2. Shooting at a "clean" ship (one without a bounty).
  3. Shooting anything near a station (in Safe "S" mode). You become a terrorist then. Not good.

Police fly "Vipers", which are vicious fighters. They appear blue in the scanners.

Bounty Hunters

These fly in the spaceways, scanning all ships, and attacking wanted ships for the bounty.

Should you incur a bounty, not only will the police not assist you in fights, but you will have bounty hunters to deal with.


These fly from one system to another buying and selling goods. They can fly with some escorts. Attacking these can lead to rich pickings in terms of cargo, but doing so incurs a bounty and can attract police.


These, like traders, deal with goods, but often illegal ones. They usually have a bounty so can be attacked for that without fear of legal action.

To determine if a ship has a bounty or is clean, target it with a missile (or go through that process if you have no missiles). You can "untarget" and "disarm" the target after.


These will attack you, and generate a "lock" field, placing the space in "Lock" mode ("L"). They are after your cargo, or just blowing you up for the alloys obtained. If you are clean the Police may come and assist you.