Eddy Macnaghten
Name:Edward Macnaghten
Phone:+44 7843 095911
Address:16 Brierley Walk, Cambridge, CB4 3NH
PGP ID:C691 EF38 5BB9 29C3
Some of my Open Source projects
Games! Javascript WebGL games
LimpetGE Game Engine Javascript WebGL game engine library https://github.com/eddymac/limpetge
Macaroni Framework Tripple layer framework for accounting and commercial based software. https://github.com/eddymac/macaroni
MUtilities Decimal, Date and Time (helper) classes for javascript https://github.com/eddymac/mutilities.js
IMCrypt An encryption utility using AES and Eliptic Curves embedded in a single HTML file. https://edlsystems.com/imcrypt
Sushc POSIX utility for safely running scripts as a privileged user http://sushc.sourceforge.net
XmlMod Shell script utility for managing XML files http://xmlmod.sourceforge.net
ShellSQL Shell script utility for interfacing with SQL engines http://shellsql.sourceforge.net
XCrypt Encryption program http://xcrypt.sourceforge.net